#PureBornWomen Jeri Willmott

Meet Jeri Willmott, the high energy mum of 3 with an awe worthy instagram feed and beautiful spirit.

Jeri grew up in the Philippines with her family in the mountains.
She recounts not having much as her family didn’t have the means to buy food let alone toys and dolls. She mentioned not having played with dolls when she was little. Jeri worked during school holidays either harvesting coffee beans or rice and selling them so she could buy school supplies for her younger siblings.

Despite having torn school uniforms and not being able to do the same extra curricular activities that other children at her school participated in, she says she really had the best childhood…

Jeri  learnt to become resourceful and creative in her youth, which now you can see this has transcended into a gorgeously designed interior of her home, amazing DIY tutorials and beautifully curated instagram feed. She presents herself as such a humble and sweet woman online and it’s nothing short of the truth when meeting Jeri in person.

Jeri maintains this positive energy that radiates from her presence. She was telling us how she had to maintain that mindset throughout her childhood and into adulthood where she faced challenges that presented much different to her youth.
She told us stories of how tough the times were when she moved to Dubai for the first time at just 18 years old.
Jeri started off as a singer and didn’t earn much money. Some of the darkest and lonely times were through these years until she met her loving husband and landed her dream job and now works as a freelance make up artist.

Jeri always knew she wanted to be a mother but never expected she would be a mum of 3 and she wouldn’t change it for the world.
She said its difficult when other mums ask her for advice about motherhood, as she says she’s only been a mum for over 3 years. She hasn’t even read a book about parenting nor googled any tips on motherhood.
Jeri follows her intuitions – her motherly instincts!
She says ‘I don’t have enough experience or knowledge to tell anyone what’s best for their child, I don’t think anyone can.’

We’re so lucky to be inspired by this mum. From her incredible images, food inspiration, her heart warming story to her positive energy. We love you Jeri!

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