#PureBornWomen Nancy and Lara, Cloudhoods Founders, open up their hearts and show us what it is like to create a community with their own app.

Nancy and Lara created an app from scratch to connect mothers and women in the UAE. The app, known as Cloudhoods, has taken storm and proves itself to be more than a mobile application – It’s truly a feature to help and inspire and connect women within their vicinity.

Nancy and Lara became friends years before the launch of Cloudhoods.
Nancy, an energetic mum of two grew up with 4 sisters. This built her foundation for knowing that women can really do anything! After she moved to Dubai, she realized how important it is to have those closest to you to rely on within her motherhood journey.
Lara, also a mother of two found that since having her children, she was on the constant search for finding good activities for them: organizing playdates, finding the perfect daycare or after school engagements near her. You can imagine how many questions pop up and energy needed to try and find out all of the above, so the girls met up and came up with the concept of Cloudhoods.

Once Nancy and Lara were on the roll to making Cloudhoods the application you have on your phone, they encompassed many challenges and issues but the girls remained positive and found a solution to every problem that arose. This helped their friendship bond connect in such unity that they consider each other family.

Since the official launch of Coudhoods in Sept 2018 it has now over 7000 active mums on the app.

Cloudhoods provides mums & mums-to-be with a platform to discover, discuss as well as engage in local initiatives and events that are taking place in their communities. Cloudhoods also provides mums with tips & advice on the journey of motherhood collated from real mums, contributors & experts in the UAE.
Cloudhoods enables mums to:

  • Find and chat with like-minded parents in their neighborhoods
  • Plan & discover locally organized community events, workshops & activities
  • Discover the best spots for kids and families to learn, play and explore
  • Read through insightful tips and articles on parenting, stories of mums, kids and more

Mums can also browse through:

  • Snackable content and advice
  • Women empowerment and mumpreneur support
  • Light and entertaining content
  • Professional parenting tips by partner experts and influencers
  • Partner advice on mental and physical health, fitness & nutrition for both mum and child, easy on the go recipes and kids edutainment crafts

Nancy and Lara have successfully made such an inviting and warm community that is growing by the day.

Here’s how to connect with Cloudhoods and become part of the family;

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