Cruelty free & vegan

Pure Born is now a PETA Vegan and Cruelty-free certified organization. Pure Born’s products are 100% vegan in addition to being free from animal testing and have been awarded the “Cruelty-Free & Vegan” version of the famous PETA bunny logo.


Pure Born’s nappies and wet wipes are approved by V-Label EU. V- Label is the most common vegetarian symbol worldwide, whose primary goal is to enable consumers to easily recognise products without animal-based ingredients, as well as places where they can avail such products

The V-label is intended for vegetarians, vegans, those suffering from allergies and anyone who wants to live healthy and pay attention to the ingredients of the products they buy every day.

Pure Born is proudly a V-Label license holder. V-label licensees offer a proven and controlled product which instills confidence and is accessible to everyone.

If you are affiliated with Pure Born, you can be proud of yourself for protecting the life of animals