Pure Born Charity

Pure Born & Al Ihsan Charity Association

What is AlIhsan and what do they do?!

Al Ihsan is a charity association based in Ajman that help families & individuals in need, both financially & emotionally. What is particularly fascinating about this charity association, differentiating it from other charities- is that the people who run this place are very emotional about their job – which is really touching to the heart.

Hannah was always a donator/volunteer, even prior to the formation Pure Born. She was helping a few orphans – did you know any child with one or no parent is considered an orphan?! Well we never knew that until our first visit as a team to AlIhsan, an extremely educational and emotional visit indeed! Special thanks to Seema and Sango for showing us what Ihsan is really about and showing us how passionate you are about your jobs.

Pure Born decided…

After a successful and delightful visit, Hannah and her team decided to visit Al Ihsan more frequently – monthly to volunteer and help in any way that they can.  In addition to that, Pure Born donates their products monthly to Al Ihsan.

We strongly recommend you to…

Visit Al Ihsan! You will find out so many things you never knew– just like us! – & you will be delighted to know there’s good in the world!

Also- if you have any unwanted clothes/ meds/toys/ furniture literally anything can help someone! You can donate them to Al Ihsan who will give them to those in need!

Want to help? Get in touch with them now!

 +971-6-7401010/ +91-6-7457451