Yet another achievement!!

Pure Born Nappies are now a dermatologist approved product!

Dermatest is an internationally renowned company based in Germany which tests products for dermatological tolerance. This means Dermatest checks how the skin reacts to a product.



Products which correspond to the high dermatological requirements of Dermatest are awarded the Dermatest Certification.


Pure Born Nappies have been subjected to Patch Tests under the control of a team of highly experienced dermatologists.



The patch test shows any primary irritation or contact dermatitis (by provoking allergic skin reactions in sensitized volunteers).

The test substances are applied conclusively to the skin in appropriate concentrations. The epicutaneous contact with the test product is therefore localized and temporally limited and is intensified by the occlusal conditions, so that the penetration of the test substances is favored. After 24, 48 and 72 hours the skin is dermatologically examined.

The occlusion is used to allow the presumed topical allergen to penetrate more easily through the stratum corneum layer of skin to reach the effector cells that could cause a local immune system response.

Pure Born nappies have passed the Patch Tests successfully under the control of dermatology specialists and they have been rated “excellent”. Since they didn’t cause toxic, irritative intolerance reaction on the skin during patch testing, they have been declared as ‘Dermatologist Approved’


If you are looking for your precious little one, the right nappy brand that is ecofriendly, sustainable and dermatologist approved, Pure Born is the answer.